Last few days to get angry about flags.

There are only a handful of days left to get irrationally angry about flags.

In just over a weeks’ time there will be no further opportunities for internal seething at the sight of a flag. Miniature flags on car doors, flags hanging out of windows or on shops or pubs you plan to boycott. Misspelt flags. Flags with failed attempts at humour, badly drawn birds, messages designed to goad, and jokes about chicken. Flags on the houses of people who have suddenly developed an interest in football, and with it a long-held loyalty to a club they know nothing about.

All of these flags, and more – will disappear as quickly as they first appeared. Once this is the case, people are advised that it is then okay to revert to their usual behaviour of needlessly getting annoyed when they see a Liverpool kit on a three year old in ASDA.

Flag-rage season itself will resume when England kick off their World Cup campaign against Tunisia on June 18th.

Don’t be afraid to Allardyce.

Young man abandoned lost in depression sitting on ground street subway tunnel suffering emotional pain, sadness and looking destroyed and desperate leaning on wall alone

Team on a bad run?

Legitimate fears of relegation?

Maybe you just crave tedious, overly negative football?

Whatever your reasons – don’t be afraid to Allardyce.

Call Sam now and get that help you need.

There is no shame in Allardycing, many clubs have done it before, and many more will too. Make the call, and within days Sam and his crack-team of touchline Sammy and doing something in the stands Craig can be there to help. All it takes is a massive pay check and a short-term contract.

No one said Allardycing is easy. It can be painful to watch and the effects of it can last for years. But together we can pull through. Within a season or two, you can once again be safe in mid-table and playing free-flowing attack minded football.

If you, or any other club you know, need Sam’s help – then reach out today. Make that call. Or bring a brown envelope.

Suffer in your thousands – not alone.