Liverpool face injury scare ahead of derby.

Liverpool face an injury scare ahead of this weekend’s Merseyside derby with news that referee Chris Kavanagh is nursing a tight hamstring. The official picked up the knock at Brighton last weekend – though he is expected to recover in time to face the blues on Sunday.

With such a reliance on pace, pressing, and biased officiating, an injury in such a key position would be a massive blow to Jurgen Klopp’s men.

The German stated: “It’s important we all work together as a team to achieve results. That means every one of us has to do our bit to make sure every decision goes our way. The team, the fans, the officials, the pundits, the football association – everyone has to be on our side. Referee is a key position in our team. You have a sexy voice by the way,” he added in a not at all weird overly sexual way, completely appropriately for a pre-match press conference.

Club to capitalise on Icelandic market.

Everton plan to capitalise on the success and profile of star midfielder Gylfi Sigurdsson.

It is widely accepted that there were missed opportunities to gain a foothold in both the Australian and American markets when both Tim Cahill and Tim Howard were at the height of their powers. The club are determined not to make the same mistake, and CEO Denise Barrett-Baxendale outlined their plans:

40,000 Norwegians make the trip to Liverpool every other week – so why can’t a handful of Icelanders too? We didn’t spend £45m on a player without intending to capitalise on the lucrative market that is the most sparsely populated country in Europe.

We’ll be running a series of adverts around Reykjavik to let people know who Everton are. And for fans back home, we’ll also be offering an offal smorgasbord on match days, so people will be able to sample some authentic Icelandic cuisine like cured shark, singed sheep heads and broiled puffin. I’m not expecting it to be that much of a leap into the unknown after what’s been going into the pies during the last 20 years.”