Season of transition enters 32nd year.

Everton’s ‘season of transition’ has now entered its 32nd year. Fans have been requested to write off another campaign as a ‘transitional period for the club’ whilst their hopes plummet once more from the whiff of faint optimism to despair.

The transitional period in question began in 1987 when Colin Harvey picked up the reigns from the Bilbao bound Howard Kendall, and have continued until this day. A handful of campaigns fostered legitimate green-shoots, though the majority produced nothing more than stinking piles of horse manure.

A club puppet will soon spout something along the lines of us “only being a few signings away from a decent team, the squad needing time to gel and play together, the youngsters needing time to develop,” and nothing about the owner needing to get to grips with the fundamentals of how to run a football club.